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Keith S.

5 Stars Rating
Given my own fears, I regularly attempt to actualize "dental anxiety". I can't really come up with something solid anymore thanks to Dr. M and his team.

I'm always completely calm during my twice-a-year cleanings and exams.
Dianne is comforting and thorough as she gently reminds me to floss. A reminder I must hear again and again...and again. (Yes, it is like quitting smoking. Thank you Mr. Hedberg. I'm working on it.) His reception staff is equally as professional. They are all very welcoming and well-prepared to deal with anxious patients.

Dr. Modjtahedi is beyond professional. I still cannot fathom how he completely removes all pain from any surgical procedure or cavity filling.
He's an ace. He is one of the few professionals that I will gladly trek through the amazon to visit on a semi-annual basis. He has managed to remove my trepidation for the last five years. I'd recommend him to anyone.

Here's to a full set of teeth. Unless I don't start flossing.

Rachel A.

5 Stars Rating
I've been going here for years and recommend this team to everyone! They are all friendly and professional and I've never had to wait for an appointment. They always have all of my insurance sorted out before I get there, so I know what I'm responsible for and there aren't any surprises. They're great!


5 Stars Rating
After years of being dragged to dentists all over Little Saigon, I was convinced that I had an absolute fear of all dentists. Quite frankly, it was pathetic how terrified I was of them.

I found Dr. Modjtahedi through 1-800-DENTISTS, and within the first half hour of meeting him, felt completely at ease. "OOOH," I realized, "I'm not scared of dentists. I'm just scared of medical practitioners who have no idea what they're doing!"

Because I had avoided the dentist for awhile (and before that had had bad work done), there were several things that needed to be fixed. Every staff member was extremely caring and professional; They weren't over-crowded or over-worked, and really seemed to enjoy their jobs. Dianne, the hygienist, was great. She, along with everyone else, was extremely knowledgeable and helpful. I felt comforted knowing that these professionals kept up to date on the latest advancements in their fields. Also, they really took their time. I was never kept waiting, or rushed through an assembly line of anxious patients.

During this time, I also had to have some oral surgery done. I was extremely nervous about this, but Dr. M referred me to a colleague at Newport Medical Center who did a good job (Hey, sticking a needle in my arm without me even realizing it was pretty damn nice). Later, when I had complications due to dry sockets, I paged Dr. M in the middle of the night.
He called me back within minutes.

Getting care at Bijan Family is not cheap, but it's not outrageous either.
Of course, they don't misdiagnose you on purpose and subject you to painful, unnecessary (and often harmful) "treatments" just to claim the insurance.
They treat you with respect, and always keep you informed with honest information. Unfortunately, I have become one of those uninsured Americans.
But that hasn't stopped me from recommending Dr. M and his staff to anyone who asks.

LASTLY: If you are someone who hates needles, Dr. M is the dentist for you.
His competence alone was enough; It made me realize that lot of fear was dissipated just by finding a doctor to trust. I was surprised, however, when he jiggled my cheek as he numbed me. On top of being slightly amused, I hardly felt a thing!

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We love to hear from our patients! Read what our other patients have been saying or take a moment to leave us a review.
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