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Couple smiling after getting inlays and onlays at Bijan Family Dental Practice in Fountain Valley, CAUnfortunately, tooth decay is a part of life for most people, leading them to receive some form of restorative treatment. Our first line of defense is usually a filling. If the decay worsens over time, we may recommend a dental crown. At Bijan Family Dental Practice, we offer a third restorative option only used by a select number of dentists that have received special training. They are called inlays and onlays, and they may be the best option for you!

What Are Inlays and Onlays?

Inlays and onlays, also known as indirect fillings, are well-fit, strong, and durable restorations that are fabricated indirectly at our dental laboratory. An indirect filling is considered an inlay if the restoration is [bonding to the center of the occlusal (chewing) surface of the tooth and does not extend beyond the cusps. An indirect filling is considered an onlay when the restoration extends over one or more cusps and to the side of the tooth. Onlays are an excellent choice for decay that existed in the tight spaces between your teeth.

Most people are suitable candidates for inlays and onlays. They are best for teeth that have decay too significant for a filling, but not advanced enough to require a dental crown. In fact, inlays and onlays are considered to be a conservative alternative to dental crowns, which are beneficial in an aesthetic and functional way.

Inlay and Onlay Procedure

Inlay and onlay procedures are usually broken down into two appointments. During the first appointment, Dr. Bijan Modjtahedi will first numb the tooth using a local anesthetic. Next, we will prepare the tooth by removing all of the decayed material. Some healthy tooth material may need to be removed to make space for the restoration. Then, the tooth will be cleaned and dried.

After the tooth has been properly prepared, we will take an impression using a putty-like material. This impression will be used to create a three-dimensional model of your tooth. Our laboratory technicians will use this model to create your inlay or onlay out of porcelain. Porcelain offers the very best in function, aesthetics, and durability.

At your second appointment, we will check the margins of your inlay or onlay. Once we have achieved the perfect fit, we will permanently bond the restoration to your tooth. Finally, we polish the indirect filling to match the sheen of your natural tooth.

Benefits of Inlays and Onlays

•  Superior Fit. If your decay is located in a tight space between your teeth, an indirect filling may provide a better fit over a traditional crown.
•  Superior Aesthetics. Indirect fillings are made from porcelain, which mimics the appearance of natural tooth enamel. They also do not discolor over time.
•  Easy to Clean. Indirect fillings are easier to clean than full coverage restorative alternatives. They also preserve more healthy tooth structure, which is better for your oral health in the long term.
•  Strong and Durable. Indirect fillings are extremely stable solutions that can even strengthen a damaged tooth. Most inlays and onlays last for many years.

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At Bijan Family Dental Practice, we offer inlays and onlays, which may be the best restorative option for you instead of fillings or crowns. Click here to learn more.
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