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An X-ray is one of the most important diagnostic tools for any dental office.The most common type of x-ray we use is intraoral. Intraoral x-rays give an in-depth view that allows us to:
•  Look for cavities
•  Look at the roots of your teeth
•  Look at the underlying bone that supports your teeth
•  Check the status of developing teeth
•  Look for other abnormalities

In recent years, new dental technology has improved the way we diagnose tooth decay and dental disease. Instead of using traditional x-rays that require film, Bijan Family Dental Practice employs digital x-rays due to their many benefits.

To take an intraoral digital x-ray, we place a sensor into your mouth that captures images of your teeth. The sensor is electronic and connects to a computer, rather than using traditional film. Once we have taken the digital x-ray, the results can be seen immediately on our digital screen.

Types of Digital X-rays

There are several types of intraoral digital x-rays:
•  Bite-wing. A bite-wing x-ray shows the upper and lower molars, as well as the bicuspids. They earn their name from the wing-shaped device you bite down on to hold the film in place. In most cases, we will take one or two bite-wing x-rays on each side of the jaw.
•  Periapical. Periapical x-ray gives use a more detailed look at one or two teeth. These types of x-rays are designed to show the entire tooth structure, from root to crown. For example, this state of the art technology can help determine whether you need root canal therapy.
•  Occlusal. Occlusal x-rays show all or most of the full arch of teeth in the upper or lower jaw. This type of x-ray is primarily used for children so that we can monitor the growth of their developing teeth.

We may also recommend extraoral x-rays to getting a bigger picture of your anatomy. In addition to your teeth, extraoral x-rays also show your jaw and skull structure.

This type of x-ray is primarily used to look for impacted teeth, examine the relationship between your teeth and jaw, and keep track of growth and development. Dr. Bijan Modjtahedi will be able to determine which type of x-ray is right for your situation.

The Benefits of Digital X-rays

•  Less Radiation. Digital x-rays use up to 70% less radiation than traditional film, making them the ideal choice for a patient who needs x-rays on a regular basis. The equipment we use for a digital x-ray is much more efficient.
•  Better Quality Images. The images produced by digital x-rays can be manipulated and enhanced to get a more in-depth look at your tooth structure. We can now identify and treat small instances of decay with more accuracy than ever before. Traditional x-rays are a standard size, which makes viewing this images more difficult.
•  Time Efficient. Digital x-rays do not need to be developed. This can shave a significant amount of time off your dental appointment. Also, they can be retaken almost instantly if we notice any errors.
•  Transfer and Storage. Digital x-rays are far easier to transfer and store. Instead of physical copies, these x-rays live on the computer, eliminating the need to physically mail the records. Because they are digital, they are also environmentally friendly.

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Instead of using traditional x-rays that require film, Bijan Family Dental Practice employs digital x-rays due to their many benefits. Click here to learn more.
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