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Your teeth are a crucial component in your mouth. In addition to having several important functions, they also play an integral role in the appearance of your smile. When your teeth are crooked, not only is your smile, and your confidence, affected, but so is your oral health. Crooked teeth can increase your risk for tooth decay, gum disease, tooth damage, bruxism, and TMJ issues. While metal braces have long been the go-to treatment for straightening your teeth, they are not the ideal solution for everyone. At Bijan Family Dental Practice, we can provide you with an alternative with Clear Correct.

The Issues With Traditional Braces

Traditional braces use brackets and wires to correct the alignment of your teeth. While this treatment is extremely effective, there are several distinct disadvantages. First, metal brackets and wires are very visible in your mouth. Many people, particularly older patients looking to correct crooked teeth, are not very fond of the idea of having a metal smile for any length of time.

Visibility is not the only issue caused by traditional braces. The metal brackets can rub against your intraoral tissues, which can lead to painful sores. Additionally, if your wires break, they can poke your tissues, which can cut your mouth and cause pain. Other issues include:
•  The inability to eat certain foods. Certain types of foods, those that are hard, chewy, or sticky, can cause your brackets to become dislodged or they can bend or break your wires.
•  Difficulty with oral hygiene. Brushing and flossing around brackets and wires can be difficult, leaving you at risk for developing cavities, gum disease, and decalcification.

What Is Clear Correct?

Clear Correct is an orthodontic treatment that provides you with an incredible alternative to traditional metal braces. Instead of brackets and wires, Clear Correct involves the use of plastic aligners to straighten your teeth. The aligners are completely clear, which helps them to disappear from view when they are placed over your teeth. No one will be able to tell that they are there.

In addition to being practically invisible, Clear Correct aligners are removable. You can take them out whenever you need to. However, to obtain the best results in the shortest period, it is highly recommended that they only be removed to eat and to brush your teeth. Ideally, they should be worn for 20 to 22 hours every day throughout the duration of your treatment.

How Clear Correct Works

Clear Correct aligners are made from digital impressions of your mouth. These impressions allow us to create custom aligners for your specific needs. The software used to create your aligners also allows us, and you, to see every step of your treatment from beginning to end so that you can see your new smile before you ever set in your first set of aligners.

To achieve your new smile, you go through a series of aligners. Every set is made to be worn for only two weeks. Minor differences in your aligners help to gently guide your teeth to where they need to go. Depending upon your treatment time, you may go through anywhere from 18 to 30 sets. Once your ideal smile has been achieved, you are provided with a retainer to help you maintain the alignment of your teeth.

Benefits of Clear Correct

Clear Correct provides several advantages, including
•  More discreet. The aligners are practically invisible in your mouth. No one will know that you are wearing them.
•  The ability to enjoy all of your favorite foods. Because the aligners are removable, you do not have to worry about avoiding certain foods. You can enjoy all of your favorite foods throughout your treatment period.
•  Simpler oral hygiene. Again, because the aligners are removable, you can more easily brush and floss your teeth. This helps to protect them from cavities and decalcification and also prevents the formation of gum disease.
•  No uncomfortable sores on your intraoral tissues.
•  Fewer office visits.
•  Shorter treatment times.

With Clear Correct, we can help to improve your oral health and the appearance of your smile, giving you a significant boost of confidence. Call Bijan Family Dental Practice at (714) 421-4494 today to schedule your appointment and find out if Clear Correct is right for you.

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