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Smiling man inside of Bijan Family Dental Practice, in Fountain Valley, CA. There is a large interindividual variability in the cost of dental implants because no two persons are the same. At Bijan Family Dental Practice, our team of specialists, Dr. Bijan Modjtahedi and , provide personalized care for patients depending on their goals, lifestyle, and budget. The only accurate way of learning how much your dental implant procedure will cost depends on a visit to our experts for a dental implant consultation. With that said, it is worth digging into the many components, factors, and materials that go into the overall price of dental implants. Starting with tests.

Multiple Examinations Are Required

Not every person is eligible for dental implants. Patients must be in good overall health to undergo the procedure. Eligible patients should not be in the habit of smoking because it slows down the healing process and may significantly increase the risk of infection. In addition, patients must have sufficient bone mass to provide support to the dental implants.

Without sufficient bone mass, the dental implant will fall out of place, which will require additional surgery that could cost more to the patient.
To ensure that patients are eligible for dental implants, dentists will administer a number of tests, including x-rays and CT scans. The goal of these tests is to assist in creating an accurate 3D image of the person’s oral cavity, including how their teeth are positioned, as well as gum health. These tests will contribute to additional costs.

In some cases, patients may not have optimal bone mass to support dental implants. In this case, they may be asked to undergo a bone graft surgery prior to receiving dental implants. Bone graft surgeries are performed by expert oral surgeons. Bone graft surgeries require multiple appointments and have a long healing time of about six months (depending on the patient’s lifestyle and overall health). If the patient opts to undergo bone graft surgery, they may end up paying a significantly higher amount for their dental implants.

The Anatomy of a Dental Implant

A dental implant is made of the implant post itself (also referred to as the screw), the abutment that is secured to the implant, and a prosthesis (which may be a crown or a bridge, depending on the patient’s goals). All of these materials will contribute to the dental implant’s cost. For example, dental implants are usually made of titanium.

Not only is titanium extremely strong, but it is also lighter than gold allies, which makes it ideal for use in the patient's mouth. The material is both comfortable and secure. Moreover, it reduces the risk of pain or irritation that is commonly associated with temperature changes. Perhaps more importantly, titanium easily fuses with the bone because the immune system is unable to tell the difference between tooth roots and the material itself. Since the body doesn’t treat titanium as a foreign object, the dental implant ends up being a success.

The only problem with titanium is that procuring the material can be slightly difficult. For starters, the price of titanium is always fluctuating, much like other precious metals. This means that prices for dental implants could increase and decrease in the span of a few months. Finally, manufacturing such a durable material requires precision engineering and skill. This can significantly add to the overall cost of dental implants.

Dental Implants Last Much Longer

Did you know that dental implants can last for a lifetime? As long as the patient is in good health and stays on top of their oral hygiene, dental implants can last for a lifetime. The implant post itself can last for decades. The crown, however, (the tooth prosthetic that allows patients to chew food) may require replacement every 15 to 20 years due to wear and tear. All in all, dental implants cost significantly less compared to other dental restorative procedures when you look at them in the long run.

Some Patients Opt for General Anesthesia

Patients may ask their dentist for general anesthetic during dental implant placement. This means they will be asleep during the entire procedure. Administering general anesthesia requires the presence of a trained anesthesiologist throughout the entire surgery. This could make the dental implant procedure more expensive.

To keep costs down, some patients may opt for local anesthesia, which means that only the area that is being worked on is numbed while the entire body is awake. Understandably, many patients opt for a sedative to help them with their anxiety since dental implants can be an invasive procedure.

Dental Implant FAQ

Let’s take a look at some of the most commonly asked questions about dental implants.

What is the Cost of Dental Implants?

Although every patient’s case is unique, the cost of a single dental implant is about $2,000. For obvious reasons, multiple dental implants will be more expensive than single-tooth implants. Most patients may only require the replacement of one to three teeth. The cost of a full mouth implant can run $50,000 and, in some cases, may fall just shy of $100,000.

Should I Wait Until Dental Implants Get Cheaper?

It is not a good idea to wait until dental implants get cheaper. For one, you can never guarantee that prices will fall. Secondly, the longer you wait for the missing gap between your teeth to be filled, the worse your problems may get. Bone loss is a real menace with missing teeth. Worse still, the surrounding teeth may begin to fall out of place and disrupt your overall biting force.

Are Dental Implants a Good Procedure for Me?

The answer is that it depends. Not all patients are eligible for dental implants and require consultation with a skilled dentist before they can make an informed decision. We recommend getting in touch with our experts at Bijan Family Dental Practice. Call us at (714) 421-4494 and our staff will get your scheduled for a consultation with us.
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The only accurate way of learning how much your dental implant procedure will cost depends on a visit to our experts for a dental implant consultation.
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