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Smile Makeovers & Rehabilitation in Fountain Valley

Planning Your Ideal Smile at Bijan Family Dental Practice

The appearance of your smile is an important source of confidence. With preplanning and undergoing multistep cosmetic treatment, Dr. Bijan Modjtahedi can help you achieve the smile you truly want. Bijan Family Dental Practice uses smile simulations to craft smile makeovers for patients in Fountain Valley, Huntington Beach, Costa Mesa, and the surrounding communities.

What Is a Smile Simulation?

Dr. Bijan utilizes digital photography to develop accurate images of the smile. These images and your digital radiographs help develop a comprehensive understanding of your current oral health, but they are also able to manipulate photographs in order to highlight the expected results of the proposed dental treatments.

This adjustable, computer-generated image of your smile is a smile simulation, and adjusting the image enables you to preview the expected results for cosmetic dental treatments. If you are considering one or more porcelain veneers, our Fountain Valley dentist can use the image to demonstrate what teeth could look like with the veneers cemented to them. Similar results can be created for porcelain crowns, dental fillings, and more.

When are Smile Simulations Used?

Patients come to our Fountain Valley dentist to resolve aesthetic issues with their smile in addition to other dental health problems that may also be affecting them. These aesthetic issues can range from chipped and cracked teeth to gaps in the smile. Ultimately, there are several services which could be used in tandem to rebuild the aesthetic quality of the smile. This combination of cosmetic dental services is called a smile makeover.

Smile simulations are crucial to the success of any smile makeover. It is one thing to create the expected results of a single cosmetic dental treatment, but the smile simulation allows us to understand how different cosmetic treatments would complement each other. They would know how veneers and crowns placed together can reshape the smile and predict the effects of treatments like cosmetic teeth straightening or dental implants. By working with Dr. Bijan and smile simulations, you can help determine the course of your smile makeover before any treatment is rendered.  

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Bijan Family Dental Practice offers smile simulations, smile makeovers, and other cosmetic dental services to patients in Fountain Valley, Huntington Beach, Costa Mesa, and the surrounding communities. For more information or to schedule an appointment with Dr. Bijan, contact our office today!


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