Dentures & Partial Dentures

Traditional Teeth Replacements in Fountain Valley, CA

Your teeth are just as important to your overall health as any other body part you have. As such, replacing lost teeth is one of the more important procedures a dentist like Dr. Bijan can perform. Bijan Family Dental Practice provides dentures and partials to Fountain Valley, Huntington Beach, Costa Mesa, and the surrounding communities.

Full Dentures

Full dentures are rows of false teeth and gums that rest on the roof or floor of your mouth, allowing natural suction and dental adhesives to support the prosthetic.

Our dentist in Fountain Valley helps you get the dentures you need. He works with a trusted dental laboratory to have these restorations fabricated based on precise impressions. He can also have these prosthetics relined as the structure of your jaw changes, helping minimize the need for replacing a functional set of dentures.

Additionally, Bijan Family Dental Practice can use full dentures as a restoration option for dental implants. As artificial tooth roots, implants allow certain restorations to replace lost teeth in a more secure and healthier manner than traditional restorations offer. By using implants and dentures together to restore the smile, your new teeth will be far more effective at chewing food than what dentures alone offer.

Partial Dentures

Of course, everyone’s oral health needs are different. You may not need the entire smile replaced, but a significant amount of your teeth might have been lost. If you lost too many teeth to treat with a bridge yet not enough to require a full denture, Dr. Bijan can outfit you with a partial denture.

A partial denture is a base, made to rest near the tongue, and fake teeth specifically placed to fill in the parts of the smile where teeth are missing. Each prosthetic is based on impressions taken of your current smile, which means that the partial you receive from our practice is meant to fit you and you alone. This includes the placement of the metal clasps that latch onto your surrounding healthy teeth. This element is how the partial secures itself in your smile, making it more secure than a full denture.

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Bijan Family Dental Practice offers full dentures and partial dentures. As a dentist in Fountain Valley, Dr. Bijan wants to make sure everyone has the functional smile they need for a healthy lifestyle. For more information about our restorative dental treatment options, call our practice and schedule your next appointment today. 


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