Dental benefits have become an integral part of health care planning for many families. Our office accepts all traditional indemnity plans (you can see the dentist of your choice), and is considered an "out-of-network provider" for those PPO plans that give their members the option of choosing a provider who is not in their network.

Dental benefit plans are made available to employees or members through companies, unions, and associations, and may vary considerably from one plan to the next. The range of benefits depends solely on what your employer has chosen. Some plans may cover as little as 30% or as much as 100% of dental services, with most falling in the 40% to 80% range. Some plans base the amount of benefit on a chart or schedule of fees arbitrarily developed by insurance companies. For this reason, you may receive a lower percentage than the reimbursement level indicated in your dental plan. For example, if your plan states that it will pay 80% of the cost of a specific treatment, it may mean 80% of the fee as determined by the insurance company and not the actual fee charged by our office.

It is always our pleasure to assist you by completing your claim forms, handling insurance queries, processing follow-ups or lost claims, etc. As a courtesy, in addition to filing your claims, we will initially ask you only for your estimated copayment. Please understand that this is only an estimate, and is based upon the information available to us.

Call, e-mail or stop in if you have any questions regarding our financial policy or insurance benefits. No question is too small for you to ask, as we are here to help you.



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