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Over the years, Bijan Modjtahedi, DDS has earned much recognition by keeping the focus of his practice on the wellbeing of each and every patient he sees. By utilizing certain approaches within the dental care he delivers, he ensures that everyone leaves his practice with a healthier smile. Bijan Family Dental Practice provides dental care to Fountain Valley, Huntington Beach, Costa Mesa, and the surrounding communities. 

Prioritizing Patient Comfort & Education

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Every person Dr. Bijan sees is a unique individual with specific needs that require personalized dental treatment.

To best serve each patient, our Fountain Valley dentist prioritizes paying attention to every detail. He performs every level of service, even with regards to a basic exam, in such a way which delivers the greatest possible results for his patients. Many of the patients who visit our Fountain Valley dentist often describe this process as one of the most thorough and pleasant exams they have had with a dentist.

Taking Time for Quality Results

Some dental procedures require a set amount of time to properly conduct, but even the most basic procedure can benefit from a dentist being meticulous and examining the quality of work performed. As such, Dr. Bijan does not reduce the amount of work he does for a patient in the name of convenience but takes the time necessary to deliver the high caliber care patients deserve.

The result of this approach is a high-quality outcome for all procedures. For restorative treatments such as fillings and crowns, our Fountain Valley dentist places restorations with utmost precision, with attention paid to the material used and the smoothness of the final product. Restorations result in a beautiful tooth that retains it's chewing strength and longevity successfully.

Selective Choice in Dental Technology

Like any scientific field, dentistry is affected by the advent of new technology. With the rate at which dental technologies are produced, however, it can be difficult to determine what truly benefits the patient. There is a lot of technology in dentistry, but not all of it is beneficial.

To continue providing the best possible dental care to his patients, Dr. Bijan Modjtahedi is selective with what technologies he uses in his dental practice; our Fountain Valley dentist takes the time to fully research the advantages and drawbacks of each technology before he decides to invest in it.

Dr. Modjtahedi attends many continuing education courses and world-class lectures regarding new dental technologies to see whether the technology is truly beneficial for patients or merely hype. Even the proven technologies we do use, such as digital x-rays, are sometimes assisted by more traditional methods, like regular charting, to create the most effective results from your exam.

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Bijan Family Dental Practice provides dental care to patients in Fountain Valley, Huntington Beach, and Costa Mesa. For more information, or to schedule an appointment, call our practice today!
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